Join My Damask Divas Team and become a CTMH Consultant today for only $75!


FAQ's about Joining My Team with Close To My Heart


How much is the consultant kit?

The consultant kit is only $75, plus shipping and tax.  

What are the quarterly minimums as a consultant?

As a consultant you need to sell and/or purchase only $300 per quarter. Easy enough right? I think so. Especially to be able to receive 22% on your own purchases. Gotta love that. CTMH quarters are standard calendar quarters (January thru March, April thru June, July thru Sept and Oct thru Dec). 

Do I get a discount on my own personal purchases?

Yep, sure do... it's a 22% discount. Plus the opportunity for more based on your total monthly sales. 

I'm not interested in selling... Am I still able to join?

Of course, we love Hobbyists!!! You can join and get this awesome kit and then have a fab discount on all your purchases. Many of my hobbyist team members just break up there purchases to $100 a month to hit the $300 per quarter. Which with the discount/commission it's really only $78 a month. Totally do-able. Before CTMH I would spend that easily at local craft stores but for the past 7 years I get everything I need through Close To My Heart and make money while I'm at it. :)

What is the commission structure as an Active Consultant?

As your sales increase, so do your financial rewards!!!! Check it out...
Base Commission: Make a sale and you earn a base commission of 22%. Easy Peasy! You don't have to wait to receive a check from Close To My Heart you simply collect the money from the sale, and then remit the product cost to Close To My Heart. For example, if you sold and collected payment at a gathering for $250, you would remit $195 to Close to My Heart and keep $55 for your commission (excluding sales tax and shipping/handling). Pretty cool, huh? If you sell products on your CTMH website then you will receive the commission on the 15th of the following month.
Select Product Credit: You will earn SPC each month when you sell at least $150/mo.
Override Commissions: As your monthly sales go up, so do your commissions! Once you sell $1,000+ in a month you will receive additional commissions. Up to a possible 35%. Override commissions are calculated by CTMH corp monthly and are paid by the 15th of the following month. Commissions are paid once you have cumulative total or exceed $10. You can even sign up for Direct Deposit and your commissions are paid directly to your account.

What kind of training will you receive as a consultant?

You'll receive "Start with Heart" emails from CTMH when you join, plus I send you a "Getting Started 101" PDF that I have put together for my team members. In addition to that you'll have access to the Online Training Tools, I offer a 12 week Online Mentoring Program and have a very active Facebook Team Page where everyone helps each other out. You will also receive help from me via our quarterly Virtual Team Meetings.

What is Straight to the Top?

We have a brand new Straight to the Top Program. When you sell/purchase $1200 within your first 3 months.


Can I earn EXTRA incentives?

Of course you can!!! The first way is with the Straight to the Top incentive (see above). There is even opportunity to win an all expense paid cruise for 2 as well as product credit each month based on your monthly sales. Plus those on my team often get an opportunity to win monthly incentives for various products.

How do I get a CTMH website?

Close To My Heart is now offering consultants a FREE OBA (Online Business Address) website to ALL consultants. So exciting! So once you join you will be able to have a CTMH website to share with friends, family and potential customers. You can even set up online parties and have them order right from your website. We also have FREE monthly newsletters!!! 

Are consultants required to keep an inventory?

No, Close To My Heart believes strongly that consultants should not go into debt by carrying an inventory.

Is Close To My Heart an Angel Company?

Yes, CTMH does have an angel policy. Please click here for more details.

How do I sign up?

What are you waiting for.... Sign up today!!! The sign up process takes only a couple minutes and you'll be set and ready for business in now time. Make sure you see Sponsor: Sundi Hendrix. Please let me know if you have any questions prior to joining... I'm here to help!

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