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Studio J Photo Cards

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Published: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Have you made your Christmas Cards already? How about ordered Photo Cards? If not, you're in luck cause I have a great solution. And if you have already then this will be awesome to use for birthday invitations, thank you cards, etc.

I used our Digital Scrapbooking Program, Studio J from Close To My Heart to create 8 cards on a 2 page layout.

It literally only took me about 30 minutes to create them all and I got to pick and choose exactly what I wanted. Now with that said they are not pre-designed cards. You start with a blank 2 page layout using the "No Limits" feature but then can create them however you'd like. These were inspired by my friend Brae in Canada.


As you can see there are 8 cards total on the 2 page layouts and then an extra spot to put 2- 4" x 4" photos to use for another project or toss in a frame. Once they arrive I will simply just get out my handy dandy paper trimmer and cut them out and put them right into an envelope to send off to my friends and family.

Let me walk you through how I made them...  

Step 1: Head on over to and click on products, then choose Studio J from the drop down menu. When you get to the Studio J page, click Enter Now.  

Step 2: If you have never used Studio J, you'll want to create an account. It's quick and FREE. If you're already a Studio J user then just login.

Step 3: After you're all logged in you can begin a new project. For this project I saved it as Christmas Cards 2013.

Step 4: Next you'll need to upload photos. You can do several different styles, the same pic for all or whatever you'd like. I did the same pic for all of our Christmas Cards but added a couple extra to put in the extra space.

Step 5: Next you'll want to select "create your own custom kit".

Step 6: Next you'll need to select your paper. I suggest using the new Sparkle & Shine paper (like mine) so you can use the coordinating Stickease which have holiday sayings, ornaments, trees, etc. The Pear & Partridge kit would also be a good one to choose. Although if you're doing this for a birthday party or thank you notes then select the paper pack that best fits your theme, decor, etc and click continue.


Step 7: Next you need to select from a variety of different patterns. If you were scrapbooking you could pick any of the pre-designed patterns but since we are making our own cards you'll want to select "No Limits" and then click continue.

Step 8: Next option is for a kit mix. Since you selected "No Limits" they will all be blank. Just click on any of them and click continue.

Step 9: This next step is the fun part. You get to begin creating your own cards. On the left side click on "Text and Photos Area" and a drop down will appear.

Step 10: Once that Text and Photos Area drop down opens you'll want to click on "Add Journaling" and drag it over to your layout. Make it 4" x 8" and place it in the top left corner, then click copy and paste another one just below it, and again just below it in the bottom left. Now you'll copy and paste one more but this time you'll want to rotate it so it's a vertical card. Repeat these steps for the other page until you have 8 cards like this...

Step 11: Next you'll click on the Paper tab on the left. Select the paper you'd like to use and drag it over to your boxes. You can do them all the same if you'd like or a variety of them like I did.

Step 12: Once your paper is all in place you'll need to get rid of the "add journaling". To do this just double click on it and add a few spaces (using the space bar). You could click delete but mine kept coming back so using the space bar will insure the text is gone. Repeat this for all 8 cards.

Step 13: Now comes the easier parts. Click back up on the Text & Photos Area and then Add Photo Boxes and drag it over onto your cards. You can create it in whatever size you'd like. Mine were 3.5" x 3.5". When you click on each photo box a toolbar will appear and allow you to add a border using photo mat. I used 1/8" thickness for the border and selected a variety of colors. The neat thing it is it gives you color options that coordinate with the paper pack perfectly. I would do the first one and then Copy and Paste 7 more and drag them where you want them to go. Once I got them in place I changed some of the colors using the toolbar. Don't forget you can also add a 4" x 4" to the top right on each layout and add another photo there that you can use for other projects.

Step 14: Next you'll want to go back up and click on Photos, then you'll be able to drag and drop your photos into the boxes and you can use the toolbar to select how you want your photos to appear. There is an option for color, black & white or sepia. I chose black & white for mine since our colors didn't coordinate with the paper pack. ;) (My photo used is just for the example. That's not the actual one I used on my cards). I've put an arrow to show you a little hand that will appear on your pics, you can click on the hand to move your photo around and get it in the right spot within the photo box.

Step 15: Next step will be fun... you get to dress up your cards now. Click on the My Stickease tab and you'll find all sorts of fun embellishments, titles, tags, trees, ornaments, etc to add to your cards. Once you found what you'd like to add just drag it over to your card and you can resize it there.

Step 16: Last step will be to add your text using the add journaling area. Since I used busy backgrounds I made the bar a color and made the text white. You can change the fonts, colors, size, etc. I also added another journaling box in the bottom corner of each photo to add the year "2013". If you don't use a color for the background you can select velum or none. I selected none so only the photo was in the background.

Now you can play around with it since I'm sure you're a pro by now. When you are happy with your cards (layouts) you can click Buy Project at the bottom and proceed to check out. They ship out quickly and will be coming directly from our corporate office in Utah. If you don't have much time to wait I'd select FedEx Ground instead of FedEx SmartPost as that can take a little longer.

Hope this was helpful!



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