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Cricut Machine Review & Comparison

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Published: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are you looking to purchase a Cricut Machine so that you can use the new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge by Close To My Heart? I've had a few people fabulous customers email me about it so I thought I'd put this review together to help you all choose which is the best Cricut for you to purchase since there are several of them on the market. All the machines typically come with a cartridge, cutting mat, cutting blade, and the necessary cords and manuals that you need but it's a matter of which size and model is best for your needs. They also all can easily cut through several types of materials like paper, cardstock, vinyl, vellum, chipboard and even thin plastics.

After returning from convention where they announced that CTMH was releasing an exclusive Cricut cartridge I quickly hopped on my computer and ordered a new cricut for me. Yayyy! I wanted the AQUA Cricut Expression.... have you seen it? It's so cute! It matches my black & white damask and aqua craft room perfectly. Brooklyn, my 6 year old who loves to craft with me is going to be very excited when she finds out she gets my other one. =)

Original Cricut (Personal Electronic Cutter):

This machine uses a 6" x 12" cutting mat and it cuts from 1" to 5.5" tall or 11.5" wide. Although it is an excellent machine I just wanted to point out that since the cutting mat is only 6" x 12" you are shorting yourself on how large you'll be able to cut when using the new Art Philosophy Cartridge. However if you don't think you'll need large sizes or if you don't have an interest in creating boxes then this would be perfect for you. It is also very affordable.

Cricut Create (Personal Electric Cutter):

This clever little machine is portable like the Original Cricut yet it has some similar functionality like the Cricut Expression machine. This machine uses a 6" x 12" cutting mat and it cuts from 0.25" to 11.5". This machine also features a large display screen and several modes and functions. This too is a great machine but also limits how large you can cut. If you're wanting to do everything you can with the new cartridge I would recommend the cricut expression.  

Cricut Expression (24" Personal Electric Cutter):


This machine uses the big 12" x 12" and 12" x 24" cutting mats and it cuts from 0.25" up to a whopping 23.5". This machine has all the bells and whistles featuring 6 modes and 4 functions to offer greater customization of cuts, it also has new settings and menus which add even more functionality. This one is my favorite and does everything you need to use the new Art Philosophy Cartridge!!! Although I haven't tried the new Cricut Expression 2... that one may be awesome but I decided to stick with the Expression because of the colors. The Expression 2 has bright green on it and would clash with my craft room. I know, I know, I'm pretty picky with everything having to match. Maybe they will come out with fun colors on the Expression 2 like they did with the Expression. You can find it in black, yellow, magenta, aqua, pink and ones with just the edges colored in blue, red, and more. So FUN!

Cricut Imagine (Electronic Print and Cut System):

This machine allows you to cut, design and print together. If you're looking to add full color and patterns to your project this is the cricut for you. This machine uses the 12" x 12" cutting mat and comes with ink to get you started. Personally it does more than what I would need it to do. I love Close To My Heart paper and colors so I don't need the printing or design feature but if you do then this one is awesome.

Cricut Expression 2 (24" Personal Electric Cutter):

This machine allows you to also use the big 12" x 12" and 12" x 24" cutting mats and it cuts from 0.25" up to 23.5". The really cool features this machine offers is the full color touch screen, a LED light that shines on the paper as it's cutting, you no longer need the keyboard overlays, you can save settings for when you're cutting different types of materials and the new Expression 2 uses wi-fi for transmitting data. Now if you need all that fancy stuff and don't mind the color then this one sounds pretty awesome!

I hope my review has helped you decide which Cricut is best for your needs. In my personal opinion I think the Cricut Expression is the best option for anyone looking to use with the new CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge because it doesn't limit you to a particular size and is reasonably priced. However like I mentioned above the Expression 2 is the new and improved but if the colors don't bug ya and the higher cost then check that one out.


© Copyright 2011, | Mandy Leahy CTMH Independent Consultant

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