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Londyn's Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

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Published: Sunday, August 9, 2015

This past week I've been busy working away on my daughter Londyn's present for her 3rd birthday. We bought the Ikea duktig play kitchen and I went to town on jazzing it up. The kids play room is decorated in red and white, so I stuck to that color for her kitchen too. It was a lot of fun to put it all together and I think it turned out pretty darn adorable. She sure loves it.

{Click photo to view larger}

And here is the birthday girl, Londyn, the morning of her birthday. It felt like Christmas morning for me. I got her kitchen all ready and set up the night before her birthday (it had been hiding in the garage), so the morning of her birthday she came down stairs to this fun surprise. I put on her apron and we had her cover her eyes. She was beyond thrilled to see her awesome little kitchen.

{Click photo to view larger}

I'm going to take you through some of the things I made for the kitchen to give it it's makeover...

First I went to Hobby Lobby and to pick out some red fabrics... I wanted a variety of reds that made it playful and fun, yet coordinated with the rest of the room. The kids were actually with me helping me pick out fabrics but they had no idea what it was for. :)

I bought a 1/2 yard of each fabric. I cut them in strips in 1.5"-2" strips. They varied since I didn't measure exactly... just eye balled it. The strips were used to create the curtain/banner that I put behind the sink. I cut the length in half, which I believe it's about 45" standard on the fabric bolt and I cut that in half to fit the space I needed. When I tied the fabric onto thick twine I didn't make them equal, I left one side longer than the other to give more volume to the banner. You can see what I mean in this picture below...

{Click photo to view larger}

Then I decided to make an apron to match...

{Click photo to view larger}

I bought a child size white apron from Joann Craft Store ($3.99 for 1 or you can get 3 for $10.99). I used the fabric I had left from the curtains (doubled the length across the apron and added a 1/2", height was about 2-2.5"... sorry I usually just eye ball it) and then used Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse. This stuff is amazing! Especially for those who don't sew like me. I did also buy a 1/2 yard of the ruffle ribbon to use as the top row but it's not necessary. It just helped to gave it a more finished look. 

You'll want to start at the bottom and work your way up. I used a strip of the Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse about 2" from the bottom. Carefully place your fabric starting on the left side and have it flare out a little, then continue across gathering it and sticking it down onto the tape. You can lift it back up to reposition it if needed and then once you have it in place just press firmly all the way across to make it nice and secure on the apron. Oh a trick to getting it even is to only use half the strip on half the apron. Make sense, right? So use half the length of your fabric strip on half the apron, then you have the other half to finish the other side making it even with your ruffles. Next you'll lay another strip of the tape about 1.75" up and do the same. Repeat until you get to wear you'd like the ruffles to begin. I then added the red ruffle ribbon I had purchased at Joann's and viola!!! Super simple to make... no sewing involved.

My daughter absolutely LOVED the apron. Now she will not play with her kitchen without it on. :)

I bought an 8" Paper Mache "L" letter at Hobby Lobby ($2.99) and covered it with some red chevron paper. I just traced it onto the paper, cut it and adhered it to the letter with a Close To My Heart Bonding Memories glue pen. To give it a finished look I filed the edges with a craft file from Close To My Heart


The other thing I added was a hook on the side of the kitchen for her to hang her apron and pot holders on. And I put 3 knobs under the stove area ... which I'm so glad I added that little touch cause it's one of the first things she went for to play with. She wanted to turn her stove on. ;)

Oh my goodness and I can't forget to tell you about that adorable milk jug. That cute little thing I stumbled upon by accident at Hobby Lobby. It was in the paper crafting section ... it's with plain items that you can decorate. It was the perfect size for the shelf and even had a red cap. I think it was only $2.99 or maybe that was the sale price.

I ordered some red pots and pans from amazon, got 2 sets of the felt food and baskets from ikea, and some of their little pots and utensils. She got even more play food from my parents for her birthday along with a little tea set to match.

Well, what do you think? If you have any questions about this fun Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover, ask away.

Posted by: Melissa Robinson
Monday, August 10, 2015 @ 9:16:37 AM

Totally love everything about this, Mandy! It definitely looks beautiful with your makeover and I love her face! She will enjoy it for sure! Thanks for sharing this momentous occasion with us!

Posted by: Tonia Williams
Monday, August 10, 2015 @ 8:51:24 AM

She is so cute. I love her reaction on her Birthday gift. Bless her little heart. Awesome job on her birthday gift Mandy.

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